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10-year spare part security at Nordtronic A/S
The life cycle of your new lighting solution is maybe not the first thing to come in mind when you decide on the choice of lighting. At Nordtronic A/S we would like to make it even more easy to choose the right lighting solution, which can be expanded and maintained for many years to come, based on the exact design and function of your wishes, also after the warranty period has expired.
We therefore launch our newest concept ENSURITY.
Ensurity is a contraction of two words; Ensure and Security and they together signal the security and safety by choosing exactly our lighting solutions, as we believe it brings value to you to offer a future-proof product. With Nordtronic A/S’ Ensurity concept you automatically get a minimum 10-year spare part security, even after the product family is discontinued on the market. This means that in this period it will always be possible to purchase spare parts for the product, even though the product family is discontinued. These spare parts can for example be new light sources in different versions or new fronts in different colors. In this way it is possible to chance the appearance of the product and to extend the life cycle of the product by changing a light source.
If, contrary to our expectations, it is not possible for Nordtronic A/S to deliver the spare parts in this given 10-year period, new products, to cover the entire installation, will be delivered. This is our security for you as a valued customer.
Ensurity is completely free and is included in all the products labeled accordingly. By offering a 10-year spare part security the product’s life cycle is significantly extended.

Nordtronic A/S’ Ensurity concept provides you as a customer with the following:
- Extended life cycle
- Security
- Reassurance
- Availability

Products covered by Ensurity:
- Low Profile Flexible G2 series
- Uni Install G2 series
- Quick Install G2 series
    No products found
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