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Clear solutions

Since the establishment in 2006, Nordtronic’s products have been among the best in the market.
Constant development based on the feedback we receive from our customers
allows us to deliver high-quality, future-proof products.
We work closely with Danish and German engineers to develop innovative LED lighting solutions.
Call us perfectionists, but we are only concerned with one thing
– creating the best lighting solutions. The clear solutions.

Ownership which obligates

Since its establishment in 2006, Nordtronic A/S has been owned by a local entrepreneur. From the beginning,
the goal was to develop and market innovative, high-quality solutions based on the latest and most energy-efficient technology.
In 2016, a part of Nordtronic A/S, was sold to the large European manufacturer SLV Lighting Group in order to further develop
the company’s position as a market leader in Scandinavia. In the spring of 2019, the SLV Lighting Group purchased the remaining stake
and is now the full owner of the company, incorporating it as an independent unit of the SLV Lighting Group.
This new ownership gives Nordtronic A/S full access to the group’s innovation department in order to continue to focus on its role
as Scandinavia’s leading specialist in downlights.

The group’s ambition for 2025 is clear:
Vision: “We are a global leader in providing future-proof lighting solutions”.
Mission: “We develop quality lighting with first class service”.
And we do this with a visible set of foundational values: “Passion, Responsibility, Respect and Reliability”.

Focus on the ultimate solutions

Nordtronic is the market’s partner when it comes to expert advice, sustainable products and energy-efficient lighting solutions.
Our business is based on a role as a specialist within downlights for the professional market,
as well as specific niches within lighting.
If you want to know more about what difference we can make for you, contact our knowledgeable employees,
who are ready to provide you with advice and guidance.
The goal is for our products to contribute to significant energy savings and meet future energy requirements.

Gazelle – four times

As evidence of Nordtronic A/S’ development and its importance in the market since the establishment in 2006,
it is with pride, but also a certain humility, that we have received Børsen’s Gazelle prize no fewer than four times.

Best regards

Nordtronic A/S

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